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The Benefits of Playing Bingo, and It’s Not Just the Fun

When you visit our assisted living facility in Surprise, Arizona, you’ll see that we have a variety of leisurely activities for our residents. There’s movie night on some weekends, and on some days, everyone gets together in the common room for a game of Bingo.

Bingo is actually very popular among assisted living facilities like ours. It’s fun, and it gets the elderly together for some socialization. It also has several benefits for our grandfathers and grandmothers, which younger people can enjoy too!

Let’s take a look at why bingo is beneficial for senior living in Arizona:

  • It helps boost concentration.
    As we grow older, it becomes more difficult for us to maintain our concentration. When you play Bingo, however, you’ll have to train yourself to concentrate, not only on the card but also on the numbers being called. It’ll be difficult at first, especially when you play multiple cards, but your brain will adjust in time.
  • Your hand-eye coordination improves.
    You’ll need a lot of hand-eye coordination skills to accurately place your marker on the number, which you should also do as fast as you can. Frequently playing Bingo (as long as you don’t bet) helps both the elderly and younger people keep their reflexes sharp.
  • It enhances your emotional health.
    Last but not the least, playing Bingo provides a fun-filled pastime that can help distract your mind from stress. Living away from their families can be emotionally draining for seniors, but Bingo can help provide a much-needed diversion.

Visit us now at VIP Assisted Living LLC. If you need respite care, we’ll be happy to provide a caregiver for your elderly at home too.