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Take Your Medications as Prescribed!


Strict medication adherence is strongly recommended by health care experts. Simply put, non-adherence can lead to the worsening of an illness, hospitalization, or death. As an assisted living facility in Surprise, Arizona, VIP Assisted Living LLC sees to it to monitor and administer medications to our residents as directed by their doctors.

However, if you are caring for a loved one on your own, you can seek help from a respite care provider. Otherwise, keep these tips in mind:

  • Take Your Meds from a Single Pharmacy

    This makes refilling the prescriptions much easier. Furthermore, the pharmacy can also better look into potential drug interactions as well as provide medication consultations as needed.

  • Organize Prescription Refills

    In relation to the first tip, you can make refills less of a hassle. Perhaps, you can sign up for an auto-refill system at your pharmacy. Talk to your pharmacist to learn about your options.

  • Make Use of Tools

    You may start by setting an alarm. Also, get yourself to know of other methods, such as reminder sheets, pillboxes, or a digital app.

  • Coordinate with Your Doctor

    Your physician might recommend a simpler approach tailored to your loved one’s needs. So, be sure to see your doctor regularly.

If all else fails, our compassionate care team can extend our help! Our lovely home has been extensively modified to provide the best possible senior living in Arizona. Reach us at your convenience for more details!

Quality Care for Our Very Important People


Our loved ones are the most important people in our life. When they are sick, in pain, or needing additional living assistance, we always try to give them the best care possible.

We make quality care happen.

Our meals are as warm as what we had at our home. Home-cooked meals and snacks from menus specifically designed for each resident’s dietary requirement and personal taste are set to give them the proper nutrition and balanced diet.

Our housekeeping services are as meticulous as our mothers. Dust and other foreign particles are kept at bay. Our organization ensures everything is in place for better access. We strive to maintain order and cleanliness in all the areas of our facility.

Our care and attention are undivided. With round-the-clock supervision, we take care of your loved one’s needs throughout the day. Our care team is ready to respond to any emergency. Our facility is also equipped with emergency systems to act on any situation.

VIP Assisted Living LLC takes care of your loved ones as our own – making us a prime assisted living facility in Surprise, Arizona.

Senior living in Arizona can get complicated. Let us give you the solution.

Whenever you need us, our respite care services are within your reach.