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Making Your Senior’s Room Feel Like Home


Big changes can be stressful for older adults. Especially if these changes involve new living arrangements and unfamiliar faces. Too much stress can affect your loved one’s overall health and may possibly lead to health complications.

To help you and your elderly loved one out, VIP Assisted Living LLC is here to give a few tips on how you can make your senior’s room in their Assisted Living Facility in Surprise, Arizona feel like home:

  • Downsize mindfully

    Senior Living in Arizona often involves smaller spaces. This means that you will need to purge your loved one’s belongings. It’s not easy to part with the things you have been using or keeping for years, so be sure to be as patient as possible. A great way to start is to ask your loved ones which items they want to bring with them in assisted living.

  • Use familiar furnishing

    If your loved one’s favorite furniture fits their new room, make sure to make use of them. This will help make your loved one’s new room feel homier. You can also find furniture that resembles the ones they have at home.

  • Bringing mementos

    Moving to a new place can make anyone feel homesick, and a little lonely. Bringing a few mementos can really help in comforting your senior, and ease their transition into a new living space.

We hope these tips prove useful in your loved one’s move. If you are on the lookout for an assisted living community, or in need of Respite Care, feel free to give us a call at 602-317-5005.