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Time to Talk to Your Loved One About Assisted Living

Time to Talk to Your Loved One About Assisted Living

Our loved ones are our priceless treasures. We want to provide the best possible care for them. But challenging times would soon come to them as they age. They will have difficulty in doing some routine activities such as keeping the house, availing of social services, making transportation arrangements, doing everyday activities like taking a bath, cooking, dressing, and more. When these happen, it’s time to get assistance. Assisted living will be a good option because it can provide all the care our elderly loved ones need. In this instance, you need to find a good assisted living facility in Surprise, Arizona.

But convincing our senior loved ones may not be as easy as we think. They may reject the idea of moving to assisted living facilities. But if you notice the following signs, it is the right time to talk to your loved one about assisted living.

  • Empty refrigerators or filled with stale food
    Perhaps this happens because your loved one is already having difficulty shopping for groceries or cooking and preparing food by themselves. This may result in deteriorating weight and overall health. This could happen to any senior living in Arizona.
  • Repeated bruises
    Your loved one may try to hide frequent bruises that may have resulted from falling, balance, or locomotion problems. You should be keen on checking for this sign in your loved one.
  • Forgetfulness
    The frequency of your loved one forgetting things such as the schedule of taking their medicines or missing any of their appointments has significantly increased. This is a tell-tale sign of memory loss.
  • Repeated use of clothes
    When your loved one keeps on repeating the same clothes for several days or perhaps doesn’t keep good personal hygiene anymore, it suggests that physically, he/she may be having difficulty washing the clothes and taking a bath.

VIP Assisted Living LLC feels the same way as you do when your loved ones experience these signs. That’s why we are able to prepare a facility and professional staff to give the utmost care to your beloved elderly loved ones. Rest assured that your loved ones will always get the best treatment as our company also offers respite care, so there’s always someone available to look after their needs.